The new Sirius XM-3E is the most expensive television you can buy, according to a new study

By: Ravi Sharma | 06.07.2014 09:01:50The new SiriusXM-3D is the least expensive, according a new report by US-based company Radian, which analyzed data from the $399.99 unit.

The $49.99 XM3D sports a 1.9GHz antenna that was upgraded to a 3.5GHz antenna.

The XM2D, meanwhile, had the same 3.3GHz antenna as the XM1D.

The new XM 3D is only $39.99.

That’s less expensive than the X-Series from the same model, the $449.99 model, which was launched in July.

However, this is a $50 premium over the X Series, which sells for $499.

The new X-series is also available with the cheapest price tag of $299.99, which comes with the new XB-series antenna.

The Radian study also found that the XB4 model of the X3D has the highest signal quality.

However this is not as good as the newer model, and it has less than 2.5dB of signal strength.

In addition, the signal strength is significantly weaker than the model with the highest antenna quality, the X2D.

However it does have the best signal quality at 4.7GHz, compared to the X1D, which has a signal strength of only 1.7dB.

Radian also compared the signal quality of the two models in a comparison between the XC and XC+ models.

Both models have the same signal quality, at around 3dB.

However the X4 model, while offering the highest overall signal quality is also the most costly, at $379.99 compared to $239.99 for the XTM3D model.

This comes as the higher price of the models are due to a number of features like better picture quality and a bigger screen.

The bigger screen has helped the X5 model to reach a higher penetration of TVs, which are still more expensive than those from other manufacturers.

The XC models also feature the best picture quality, while the XXC+ is the cheapest.

However Radian found that there are no significant differences between the two in terms of picture quality.

The results of the study have been published in a paper titled Antenna performance in the XE-1 and XE1E models.

The paper, titled “The XE4 is the best X3 D model”, will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Power Electronics.

The review, which examined data from all models from the XF-1X, XF series, XB, XC, XD, XE, XR, XS, XTM, XW, XY and XZ series, was conducted by a team of Radian’s engineers.

The team included Radian engineers from the US, Germany, India, UK and Japan.