Why do butterfly antennas have to be built?

When you look at the butterfly antenna mounting options, you’ll notice they are all pretty much the same.

But there’s a catch: they all have one thing in common: they’re all made by one company.

That means that they’re designed to look like the real thing, to be sold to people who want to use them.

And that’s what Butterfly Radio is aiming to do with its butterfly antenna mount.

Its antenna, which is about 10 inches long, is a little smaller than a quarter of a centimeter, so you can fit it in a standard 5.25-inch-diameter dish.

But its design allows it to hold up to 10 watts of power.

It can be mounted to a dish, a shelf, a table, even a lamp stand.

The antenna itself is a single piece of steel, but it’s also made from stainless steel, titanium, brass and a polycarbonate coating.

It’s strong enough to withstand some bending and a few hours of regular use, but not enough to break or topple.

The antenna is also dishwasher safe.

The mount is made of aluminum, and it has a built-in stand.

You can even use it on a flat surface like a table or a shelf.

Its battery life is also pretty good, at 2.5 hours.

You might need to run it for several hours, though, if you’re running a lot of channels at once.

Butterfly says its antenna is not recommended for use with smartphones or other mobile devices.

The antennas are also made in China, so they’re not likely to be cheap.

But Butterfly says it is committed to manufacturing them in the U.S. and to making them available to consumers who want them.

It plans to sell them in a variety of configurations, including in stainless steel with and without the mounting brackets.

You can find out more about Butterfly Radio’s butterfly antenna and its other antenna products at the company’s website and on Twitter at @swarmofchimneys.