How to make the most of your cable television antenna

If you’ve ever had to find a spot to hook up a wireless antenna, it’s easy to forget that some cable companies will even charge you for the privilege.

And when you’re using the service to watch your favorite shows and movies on your laptop, you’ll have to pay extra for the extra bandwidth and the cable companies’ hefty fees.

But now, there’s a new twist: You can use an antenna to watch video from your laptop or desktop on your TV antenna.

This might seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually very easy to accomplish.

This technique is called “cable video streaming” and it’s something cable companies are trying to promote in an effort to woo customers.

“I don’t think there’s any other way to get an antenna and watch video on a laptop,” said Andrew Schulz, the vice president of sales at Comcast Cable.

“We’ve done a lot of things in the past with the cable industry to try to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

This is not an experiment to try and convince people to upgrade to a wireless device.”

Cable companies have been using the tactic for years, but for some reason it has not been adopted by all companies, which is surprising considering the wireless devices are gaining popularity.

The cable industry is in a bit of a slump, as the cord cutting movement has taken off, but Comcast is trying to convince customers that the wireless streaming solution will make them more money.

The company’s promotional video for its cable service offers an example of how cable companies can use wireless antennas to stream video from a laptop.

Here, the company shows off the new Roku wireless antenna for the Roku Streaming Stick, which it will be selling this fall.

Comcast has partnered with Roku to bring you the video stream you’re watching, and you can see that you can stream the content on your Roku using a Roku TV set-top box, but the Comcast TV service also streams the video over an antenna.

The Roku TV service does not include a cable box to hook it up to, but if you buy an adapter, you can use the Roku TV to hook your laptop up to the Roku.

Comcast’s cable TV service is only available in the U.S. and Canada.

Comcast said that if you do not live in one of those countries, the Roku video streaming service can stream your video on your cable box, or even your laptop.

If you’re not in one or both of those two countries, Comcast will also show you how to use an external antenna for your laptop and TV.

“If you’re just going to have an external box that’s a little bit different, it might be a good idea to consider the Roku for that,” Schulz said.

For those of you wondering, the above video does not show you what the Roku antenna does.

But it does show you the Roku’s remote control.

Comcast, which sells a wide variety of devices, including the Roku streaming stick, Roku TV and its wireless router, the Comcast Roamio, is one of the biggest players in the cable business.

Comcast is already offering the Roku service, but some of its cable customers may have to wait until next year.

The Comcast cable video service is not for everyone, though.

Comcast TV is only for the top 1% of subscribers, Comcast’s advertising and promotion materials state.

The advertising also indicates that Comcast TV customers who are not Comcast subscribers will have to sign up for a cable plan, and Comcast is not disclosing the monthly price for the cable service.

Comcast also is not revealing whether it has added new streaming video services or added new channels to the TV service.

The streaming video service Comcast is offering on the Roku, Roku Streaming TV and the Comcast cable TV streaming service will be available in Europe and the U