The UK’s latest TV antenna map shows which parts of the country have the most cb antennas.

The UK is the latest market to have cb technology installed, according to a new report by TVNZ.

The technology allows for the use of the ground station to provide a directional signal for mobile phones and other devices.

It comes in handy in the UK, where a growing number of mobile phone subscribers have been complaining about the interference caused by the cb signals being sent from their mobile phones to their TV.

The latest report, by TVZ, is based on research conducted by the firm in April, which found that 74 per cent of UK households have cbs signals installed in their homes.

It also found that 70 per cent have at least one cb signal installed on their mobile phone, with the remaining 10 per cent having no cbs signal.

In 2016, more than half of UK homes had cb reception installed, the firm found.