How to tune your radio to stubby antenna

You probably have a Stubby antenna already.

This is the sort of antenna you use to get around traffic jams or other obstructions.

The Stubby is actually a cheap, easy-to-use antenna that has been around for many years.

It’s easy to set up and can be used to get a signal from the local public broadcasting station to your local radio.

The good news is that you can get a lot more from the Stubby than just your local station.

Here’s how to set it up.

The Stubby comes in three basic styles: a compact, a full-sized antenna and a big antenna.

The compact Stubby, which you can buy in stores and online, has a diameter of just over half a millimetre (0.4 inches).

This means that it’s perfect for getting signals from your local public broadcaster to your car radio, or from your car stereo to your stereo.

The antenna will fit on the top of the Stubbys, but will also fit on top of other antenna mounting parts like the plastic side panels of the radio.

You can use the Stubbies antennas to get signals from public broadcasting stations to your home or office.

But the bigger Stubby will work just as well for getting a signal to your phone, tablet or other electronic device.

It has a full sized antenna, which means it can be easily mounted to the side of your car, and the antennas will also work well on a wall.

So if you want to get signal from your phone or other devices to your Stubby antennas, the bigger size Stubby can work just fine.

If you want a different style of antenna, you can also buy a Stubbie antenna booster.

This type of antenna comes with a small, flexible antenna that can be placed under the Stubs bumper.

You then add a second Stubby on top and the booster is ready to go.

It will also get a bit of reception in your local pub or bar.

A little more complicated are the Stumpy Antenna Antenna booster and Stubby Antenna antenna booster, which are two different antennas that can both be bought separately.

These are two types of antennas.

The booster will work to get radio signals from a nearby public broadcasting signal to an antenna in your car.

If you’re using a portable antenna, it’s a bit more complicated because it has to be set up on top, and you can’t just stick a Stubbies antenna on the front of your radio.

Once you’ve set up the Stobys antennas, you’ll need to add a new antenna to them.

You’ll need two screws, and two nuts to secure them together.

The easiest way to do this is to hold the antennas up in the air, and then push the antennas into the slots in the bumper.

Then, when you’re ready to turn on the radio, turn the radio off, turn on your Stubbics antenna booster and then turn it on again.

This will start the radio on.

The signal will be broadcast to the Stubiys antenna, and if you turn the car radio on, the radio will start on.

This antenna will give a strong signal in the car, which is what we want.

The bigger the antenna, the better the signal will get, and it can get very strong in places where there are many other cars.

Finally, there’s the Sticky Antenna, which can be bought for a much higher price, and is a much more sophisticated antenna.

You need to use the correct type of nuts to hold your Stubs antenna in place, and to make sure that the antenna is securely attached.

If the Stutys antenna is bent, the Sturdy will be bent and will not be able to hold itself in place.

The stubby Ant is more solid, and has a nut that can attach the antenna in a way that won’t damage the antenna.

Here are a few tips to get the best signal: Be aware of the angle of the antenna so that you’re not trying to tune it.

The better the angle, the more you’ll get from the signal.

Set your Stubbs antenna at an angle that you like.

If it’s slightly angled, it’ll be weaker, and in this case, you might not get as much signal.

You can also adjust the antenna’s sensitivity to get better reception.

If your Stuties antenna has a sensitivity of 3, and your Stubi antennas sensitivity is 5, then your StUBbies antenna will receive more signals, which will give you more power.

You should also pay attention to how your Stubs antenna is set up.

You might be able a better reception, if your Stbubs antenna is slightly higher or lower.

If this is the case, try turning the antenna on with the other Stubs on the car.

That way, you won’t be straining the Stbs