How to buy a DIY TV antenna

A simple DIY TV antennas setup can help you keep your home connected, even when you’re on the go, and you don’t need to buy expensive hardware.

The video above from Ars Technic explains the steps you’ll need to follow to install a small, cheap TV antenna.

The guide also details how to connect the antenna to a computer.

The best TV antennas don’t come cheap, though.

You’ll need some kind of antenna cable to hook up to the TV.

The simplest option is a TV antenna, but you’ll also need a set of small, flexible TV standoffs or an inexpensive cable box.

These are easy to buy at a local hardware store, but the process can be more complex if you’re willing to buy the hardware yourself.

Ars recommends getting the best TV antenna cable.

Read more about TV antennas and antenna cables on Ars Technics’ YouTube channel.

The video also covers a few other simple steps that can help make your TV antenna standoffs and cable boxes work.

Ars also notes that you might need to replace the TV antenna and cable box before you can connect the cable box to your computer.

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