What’s the most important thing you need to know about antennas?

Now Playing: A guide to building antennas from the ground Up Next: How to buy an antenna and find out how much you’ll pay source The Boston Globe article Now Play: New antenna company makes a better, cheaper, more flexible antenna Up Next to DIY antennas, a new company called TELUS will offer customers the option of using a specialized antenna, or antenna that uses a radio frequency transmitter instead of the radio.

The company, TELus Inc., says its product is the first of its kind and will be available to a limited number of customers.

The product uses a receiver with a specially designed antenna.

TEL, which is headquartered in London, Ont., has about 100 employees and plans to hire another 100 to build the antenna.

The antenna is designed to have no antenna pole, no wires or wires inside the antenna, and a small transmitter inside the receiver.

The transmitter acts as a “bandpass filter,” or a way to cancel out interference from nearby signals.

Telus says its antenna is much smaller than a traditional antenna and can be used outdoors and indoors.

The TEL-C is the only antenna designed to be used indoors.

It weighs about 60 kilograms and can hold up to 20 watts of power, according to TEL.

The company says its TEL device can be mounted on a doorbell, a window, a garage door, or on any other device with a power outlet.

The device will cost $1,000.

Tels antennas are expected to become widely available in the coming years.TELUS CEO and founder Chris Gavais says the antenna can be easily replaced and does not require any special equipment.

The new product will be offered for $200, he said.

Telfs new antenna can only be purchased through a website.

The Boston Globe has more on the company:The Globe has a video of the new product.