GPS antenna with $1,000 price tag is going to be more expensive than $10,000

GPRS antennas, which are similar to the type used in cellular phones, can be more affordable than the $1-2,000 range, but they also require the installation of a GPS antenna and a new antenna.

That makes them less secure than a cellular tower, said Chris Smith, president of the National Association of Wireless and Wireless-Based Communications Equipment Manufacturers, which represents more than 600 manufacturers.

“They’re more of a hassle than they’re worth,” Smith said.

A free TV antenna also will cost more than the cost of a tower, Smith said, adding that many of those are used in public places.

Smith said he expects that most GPRs will become obsolete in the next few years, and many of them will cost between $5,000 and $10 (U.S.) a month, although the cost may increase with upgrades.

“You’re going to need a lot of the same features that you get from the tower,” Smith told Bloomberg News.

The cost of antennas is often lower than the price of the tower, and some manufacturers have begun offering free TV antennas, as long as they are not too expensive.

For instance, one company, Zilbit, sells an antenna for $1 and a free TV receiver for $15.

The company also sells a radio receiver for a price of $5.

Another company, Nazele, sells a $50 TV antenna that can be installed for free.

“It’s a free phone line that you can plug into the TV,” Smith added.

“The TV doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall.”

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