Which LTE antennas can be used with 802.11ac?

Qualcomm says that 802.15.4 is the most common Wi-Fi standard, but it says it can also work with other 802.1X standards.

The company says that the 802.17.5 standard is also compatible.

It also notes that the wireless spectrum is not limited by the antenna height and that other types of wireless signals can also be used.

We asked Qualcomm if it’s aware of any other 802,15.5 and 802.19-compatible antennas that are not 802.16.1, such as those from the WLAN Alliance, the wireless industry’s trade group.

The company said it hasn’t seen any other products that support 802.20, which means that a device would need to have a newer chipset or a custom Wi-fi chip.

We have also asked Qualcomm whether it’s currently working on any new LTE radios.

The answer we got was that Qualcomm is in “active development” and that Qualcomm’s product portfolio is expanding rapidly.