GOP wins big in Alabama election

Republicans swept to victory in Alabama’s Senate race, handing the state the second-largest Democratic majority in decades.Republican nominee Roy Moore lost to Democrat Doug Jones by nearly 15 percentage points in a deeply disputed race that has divided the country.Moore’s campaign, however, claimed victory and accused Jones of being the “anti-Christ.”The race came after Trump […]

How to find and install free tv antenna on your android phone

When your android smartphone has a free tv tuner you can find out where you can connect it to your home network or the internet, whether you have a free internet connection or a wired connection.It is important to understand that you need to know where you will connect your tv tuners to connect it.There […]

When can I use an antenna for internet?

A wireless internet antenna that is easily mounted to a wall can help your internet access.Read moreA smart antenna is a device that monitors the reception of incoming signals, using sensors to identify which parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are being received and which are not.It is often used to enhance the reception and clarity […]

When the next digital antenna comes out, you should be worried

Digital antennas have been around for a long time and are still very popular.This article is about the antenna that will be the next big thing for indoor antennas.When the next antenna comes online, it will be a big deal because of the wide range of applications.But for the next few years, it may not […]

Which LTE antennas can be used with 802.11ac?

Qualcomm says that 802.15.4 is the most common Wi-Fi standard, but it says it can also work with other 802.1X standards.The company says that the 802.17.5 standard is also compatible.It also notes that the wireless spectrum is not limited by the antenna height and that other types of wireless signals can also be used.We asked […]