Why Apple TV 5 is one of the best TV receivers available

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TV ratings fall, TV shows lose viewer count

When it comes to ratings, you can’t always judge a book by its cover.In fact, that’s precisely what happened to shows on the CW and FOX networks when the network and cable channels got into a nasty dispute over the carriage of The CW’s The Flash.While ratings for The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as Barry […]

How to spot the ‘hobgoblin’ at the NFL’s new ‘homo-chicken’ antenna

NFL owners on Tuesday announced that they would institute a new “homo” antenna that is being used by the NFL and other NFL teams for “all-new” wireless communication.The new “Homo-Chicken” antenna is being introduced at all teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, and will allow the league to offer live streaming video […]

Why You Should Buy Yagi Wireless Antenna for your TV Antenna

Yagi WiFi is a high-speed wireless antenna that offers a wide range of coverage across the entire spectrum of TV, radio and Internet, according to its makers.It has a built-in antenna, which provides a lot of range, but it also has a large number of antennas to use for its coverage.Yagi also comes with a […]

Walmart will pay $50 million to acquire Alamo TV antenna manufacturer

The U.S. retail giant Walmart will buy Alamo Technologies, a leading manufacturer of indoor antenna systems, for $50.2 million in cash, including options to buy additional assets, the company announced Wednesday.Walmart is also expected to pay $4.9 million in debt for Alamo, according to the announcement.Alamo was founded in 2000 by Michael Tinsley and Richard […]