Shark fin antenna installer installs antenna at oceanfront home

Antenna installation at a San Diego home is proving a hit with neighbors, and some residents are now calling the installation a success.A video posted to YouTube on Sunday shows a homeowner, who has not been identified, installing a shark fin antenna.The homeowner, whose name was not provided for safety reasons, said he was a […]

Dish is the cable company for the internet age

Dish is betting on the next generation of internet users to have access to a world of unlimited data, high-speed data and more.The company is investing $3.3 billion in new data networks, data centers and more data in a bid to give customers unlimited data plans.It will also build new, faster broadband networks and create […]

The new Sirius XM-3E is the most expensive television you can buy, according to a new study

By: Ravi Sharma | 06.07.2014 09:01:50The new SiriusXM-3D is the least expensive, according a new report by US-based company Radian, which analyzed data from the $399.99 unit.The $49.99 XM3D sports a 1.9GHz antenna that was upgraded to a 3.5GHz antenna.The XM2D, meanwhile, had the same 3.3GHz antenna as the XM1D.The new XM 3D is only […]