How to get the best Jeep Wrangler antenna on sale today

By now, most Jeep owners will have learned that the base antenna for the Jeep Wranglers is a great investment.But there’s a catch.The Jeep Wranger has four sets of four different antenna configurations, all of which have varying ranges.If you’re looking for the best antenna for your Wrangler, the first thing you should do is […]

How to make your radio system more reliable and robust

By Michael J. Dolan, Bloomberg Businessweek October 24, 2017, 4:45:30AM ESTA lot of new equipment has been designed to make the radio system perform better, but there are still many unknowns.We know, for example, that there are a lot of radio system components that are not working correctly, so you have to troubleshoot them, which […]

Shakespeare, Antenna Mounting Pole,Shakespeare Antenna

ESPN Crikey is reporting that the ACT Brumbies will be using a Shakespeare antenna mount to help out with the Australian Rules Football competition this year.The Brumbie NRL squad is expected to play a home fixture against the Brisbane Broncos on Sunday, November 11.The Brumby NRL team will have the ability to mount their antenna […]

When will we get our annual ‘Antenna Direct Clearstream’?

Posted November 01, 2018 04:59:38I’ve been thinking about a new antenna for the past few months.The one I was using a couple of years ago was a cheap plastic antenna from Radio Shack, a cheap cheap antenna that I couldn’t live without.But then I started to build my own antennas.I wanted to do it right.But […]

How to wirelessly turn your iPhone into an antenna

In the days after the Sept. 11 attacks, security experts noticed a trend: iPhones are becoming more and more susceptible to wireless eavesdropping.Today, about one-fifth of all iPhones are capable of wireless eavesdroppers.But with the proliferation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas, even the most hardened devices are vulnerable.And even more worrisome is that Bluetooth-enabled iPhones […]

What’s a car radio antenna and why are you buying it?

Radio antennas are one of the most common types of home entertainment equipment, and it’s no surprise they’re a great way to get a good sound in the house.However, they can also be expensive, and with all that money going towards a car stereo, it can get expensive.Here’s a look at some of the best […]