Dish is the cable company for the internet age

Dish is betting on the next generation of internet users to have access to a world of unlimited data, high-speed data and more.The company is investing $3.3 billion in new data networks, data centers and more data in a bid to give customers unlimited data plans.It will also build new, faster broadband networks and create […]

Which is the best TV antenna for your TV?

Digital TV antennas have long been one of the cheapest options on the market.But it seems like there are some new models popping up that can offer more than a quick signal boost.These new models are all based on the same basic design, but offer different antenna sizes, a lower price tag, and a more […]

New Australian technology to detect nectar bees’ ‘flock’ of flowers

A new technology is being developed to detect the presence of honeybees and other pollinators in a flower nectar plant’s flowers.Key points:A new technology will help the Australian Government determine whether there is sufficient pollen from other pollinating species to provide adequate nectar supplySource:University of Technology SydneyThe technology, which is being built by the University […]

Samsung Galaxy S5, the world’s first mobile smartphone with a speakerphone amplifier

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The new Sirius XM-3E is the most expensive television you can buy, according to a new study

By: Ravi Sharma | 06.07.2014 09:01:50The new SiriusXM-3D is the least expensive, according a new report by US-based company Radian, which analyzed data from the $399.99 unit.The $49.99 XM3D sports a 1.9GHz antenna that was upgraded to a 3.5GHz antenna.The XM2D, meanwhile, had the same 3.3GHz antenna as the XM1D.The new XM 3D is only […]