The chimney mount to mount an outdoor HD antenna is a good option for some people

The chimneys mounted in the attic of your home are great for a few reasons.The chimnests are the perfect spot for an outdoor antenna, they’re easy to install, and they’re just as strong as an antenna mounted on a ceiling.But there’s one downside: You’ll need a chimney mounted antenna to mount your antenna outdoors.This is […]

What if you’re a winegard winegard receiver and need to monitor the radio frequency (RF) of your home?

We’ve been asking the same question for years, but with the recent discovery of a new radio frequency, the question becomes even more pressing.RF radiation is emitted from devices that are in contact with the environment, like radios, televisions, computers, and more.Most people have heard of RF interference in the form of noise or hum […]

How to buy a marine radio antenna

A little-known tool has been making waves since it was introduced by a small company in Australia.It can help you identify and track down lost radio transmitters on the surface of the ocean.The Radiotrack antenna is designed to be attached to a boat’s mast, making it easier for authorities to locate and track radio equipment, […]

5G antennas in Canada will cost a lot more than the latest iPhone, new data shows

5G (6G) technology promises to dramatically increase wireless internet access and make it cheaper for businesses and consumers.But many experts believe the new wireless infrastructure will be expensive to build and that many users will struggle to get the best performance from their new devices.But a new survey by a Canadian wireless technology company suggests […]

When to use a wireless antenna as a wifi hotspot

By now, most of us have heard of the idea of a WiFi hotspot.But the concept is not so new, nor is it new to wireless hotspots.Back in the 1970s, radio frequency transmitters like the Motorola 68000 used wireless wireless radio technology to send signals to receivers on the ground.That technology is still around, but […]