Walmart will pay $50 million to acquire Alamo TV antenna manufacturer

The U.S. retail giant Walmart will buy Alamo Technologies, a leading manufacturer of indoor antenna systems, for $50.2 million in cash, including options to buy additional assets, the company announced Wednesday.Walmart is also expected to pay $4.9 million in debt for Alamo, according to the announcement.Alamo was founded in 2000 by Michael Tinsley and Richard […]

Walmart TV antenna shows ‘Frozen’ star Elsa’s ‘I Love You’ video

Walmart has posted a video of a Frozen star Elsa singing the Disney classic “I Love you” on an outdoor antenna.The clip was posted on the company’s official Facebook page on Sunday, just hours after Disney announced that it would not air the Disney movie in its entirety in theaters because of “unacceptable content.”The Walt […]