How to wirelessly turn your iPhone into an antenna

In the days after the Sept. 11 attacks, security experts noticed a trend: iPhones are becoming more and more susceptible to wireless eavesdropping.Today, about one-fifth of all iPhones are capable of wireless eavesdroppers.But with the proliferation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas, even the most hardened devices are vulnerable.And even more worrisome is that Bluetooth-enabled iPhones […]

How to fix an antenna that’s out of tune with your TV

IOTA: A cryptocurrency that aims to transform the internet of things by giving users control over devices, from thermostats to smart thermostat devices.IOTA is based on blockchain technology, a peer-to-peer distributed database of transactions.It’s an ambitious and fast-moving project, but one that has a lot of traction.I have found that this new technology has made […]

What’s the best antenna for your car?

With a wide range of antenna options available from Dish, CarRadar and many others, what’s the right antenna for you? Read on to find out.The best car antenna for 2018Carradar’s latest car antenna review: The new Dish Amp 2-4A is a compact, low-cost, high-performance car antenna that can easily be installed into any vehicle.The DirtCam is a high-quality, expensive car antenna with a wide […]