New Zealand’s Best Outdoor Antenna, Marine Antenna Man to Replace ‘Digital HDTV’ in His Home

New Zealand-based marine antenna and radio manufacturer Antennaman has decided to replace the ‘digital HDTV antenna’ that has been in the family for more than 40 years.Antennaman CEO Mark Poulter said he and his team had been looking for an affordable, long-lasting and robust antenna for about two years and came across a device called […]

Free tv antenna with built-in tuner

The Free TV antenna (FTV) from OTA (Optical Transmitter Equipment Association) comes in several varieties including: Free HDTV tuner with tuner antenna Free HD TV tuner Free HD television antenna Free TV tuners Free HD tuner/receiver with a built-up antenna Free television antenna/receive antenna Free antenna/reciever Free TV Tuner with built in tuner and receiver […]

Samsung TV antenna, wireless antenna, and Android apps: A list of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018

Crypto Coins, the first and largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, announced that the first of the year will see an increase in the amount of cryptocurrencies traded, with prices going up significantly on the exchange.The exchange stated that the market is still at an early stage, but is expected to increase significantly, reaching $1.25 […]

Dish is the cable company for the internet age

Dish is betting on the next generation of internet users to have access to a world of unlimited data, high-speed data and more.The company is investing $3.3 billion in new data networks, data centers and more data in a bid to give customers unlimited data plans.It will also build new, faster broadband networks and create […]

Which is the best TV antenna for your TV?

Digital TV antennas have long been one of the cheapest options on the market.But it seems like there are some new models popping up that can offer more than a quick signal boost.These new models are all based on the same basic design, but offer different antenna sizes, a lower price tag, and a more […]